Luke Somerville Tattoo Success Story

Luke Somerville Tattoo Contribution to the Community as a Success Story

One of our Lurgan Business Complex tenants, Luke Somerville, is the owner of his own tattoo parlor and is a strong member of the CIDO family. Luke has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tattooing, as he worked alongside his Dad for 7 years before he opened his own place. He did his first tattoo on his Dad when he was 11, and immediately knew from that moment that this was his dream. He left school at 16 and began working with his Dad so he could spend time mastering his trade.

Some of Luke’s high quality work.
Memorable Moments

Luke’s favourite aspect of his business venture has been hearing a range of stories from different people. He says that people come in as strangers and the time he spends with them allows him to get to know them. Furthermore, Luke’s clients are rarely one offs as most of them are regulars and he reckons the total number of clients he has had is in the 100s.

The most memorable moment that Luke has had over the years took place at a fundraiser for Marie Curie. While attending the event, a regular client brought along his Mum and Dad to get their first tattoo, which was quite a big deal considering they were in their 70s and 80s. As a family, they’d went through a difficult time as both the regular client and the Dad had cancer, but they had beaten it. Once they finished they gave each other a hug and it was as if the tattoo was to mark a triumphant moment. Luke said that;

 It was very moving and something I’ll never forget.

Intricate Japanese tattooing style see above.

Luke’s private studio is focused on creating one of a kind custom tattoos tailored to the individual. The vision is to create on the principles of quality, craftsmanship and excellence without compromise. If Luke was to start the business again, he would have focused less on the minor things and focused on the big picture. Luke said;

Keep the main thing, the main thing and focus on doing great work!

Some of Luke’s expertly finished work.
Working with CIDO

Luke has availed of many benefits that have come from CIDO and the useful location of our Lurgan Business Complex. Being located next to the train station with free parking has been great. Especially for clients that travel and spend a long period of time in the studio. It’s something that the clients certainly appreciate. This has allowed Luke to focus on his art and continually improve over the years as he could give it his undivided attention. Luke said this about CIDO;

From day one I’ve felt extremely welcome, valued and the staff have been very helpful with any query I’ve ever had.

Everyone here at CIDO just wants to say a massive thank you to Luke, for being such a strong member of the CIDO family. Everyone here at CIDO will continue to do everything they can to help Luke continue to flourish and grow. Keep up the good work Luke!


If you want to check out the services that Luke provides, check out his Facebook page by following this link:

Also check out his website by following this link:

If you want to find out more on the range of business support systems provided by CIDO, follow this link:


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