CIDO Means Business Podcast Episode 3 with Pamela Cassells

Pamela Cassells
CIDO Means Business Podcast Season 1, Episode 3, with Pamela Cassells

Welcome to the third episode of the CIDO Means Business Podcast. This episode invites Pamela Cassells, founder of Pamela Cassells School of Performance, to come in and have a chat about how she got started.

Throughout this series, we will examine in depth the many nuances involved with starting and running a business, hearing from local business owners who have been there, done it and grown successful businesses through determination, passion, innovation, and shear hard work.

We will hear about their journey to success and amongst all the stories and anecdotes, we will hopefully have a few laughs along the way and of course these highly successful entrepreneurs will have a plethora of advice and top tips for you if you are at the start of your own entrepreneurial journey or just struggling to develop or even sustain your own business.

So, sit back, relax, drive, do the dishes, go for a run…whatever you like while you listen to the ‘CIDO Means Business Podcast.’

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