Annual General Meeting Notice

Annual General Meeting Advert
CIDO Annual General Meeting Notice

The Chairman and the Board of Directors of Craigavon Industrial Development Organisation (CIDO) will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27 October 2022 at 6.00 pm at CIDO Innovation Centre, 73 Charlestown Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, BT63 5PP. Please RSVP by 21 October 2022 either by Tel 028 38 396520 or

Annual General Meeting Advert
Annual General Meeting Advert In Portadown Times
Importance of an AGM

An AGM, also known as an annual shareholder meeting, is convened to allow shareholders to vote on corporate matters as well as the election of a company’s board of directors. In major corporations, this gathering is sometimes the only time of year when shareholders and executives engage.

Annual proxy statements must be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by public firms (SEC). The filing will include the annual meeting date, time, and venue, as well as executive remuneration and any important items relating shareholder voting and proposed directors. Annual general meetings (AGMs) are crucial because they give transparency, allow shareholders to participate, and hold management accountable.

Voting in an AGM

An AGM allows shareholders to learn about the company in which they have invested and to express their concerns to the office-bearers. The ability to vote allows them to have a say in how the organisation is governed and, in certain ways, protects their investments.

All shareholders have the right to vote. The vote is associated with the share. As a result, an individual may have more than one vote. Common shareholders get one vote per share, whereas preferred shareholders do not. Shareholders have no influence in day-to-day operations or management problems, according to AGM voting procedures. They can, however, utilise their voting rights to influence the organisation’s course on significant business issues. Such as voting in or out board members.

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