Enterprise NI’s Chief Executive speaks out against lack of funding

The Enterprise NI Agencies came together to voice their concern over the lack of funding available for businesses.

Enterprise NI’s chief executive, Michael McQuillan, has stated that it is quite concerning that there has been no discussion of or visible movement towards assistance for new businesses or entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland as they approach a financing cliff edge in the coming six months.

Enterprise NI's Chief Executive and Agency Representatives
CEO of CIDO pictured with other agency representatives

The alarm is being raised because the local enterprise network has now voiced serious reservations about the delivery of the proposed particular multi-million wealth equality funding, which aims to replace the current structural funding support for start-ups, micro businesses, and entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland.

A cross-party group of MLAs stated this week that future money from the UK government should go straight to the regional network of enterprise agencies because they are best equipped to help people who are establishing new businesses, generating employment, and boosting the local economy.

Enterprise NI's chief executive
Enterprise NI’s Chief Executive Michael McQuillan
Michael said

We have over 120,000 small and micro businesses operating across this country which provide jobs and sustain livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of people.

The current trading environment, however, is extremely hostile to small businesses with the cost of doing business squeezing start-ups out before they even get off the ground.

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