DMD Music School Success Story


DMD Music School’s Contribution to the Community as a Success Story

The DMD Music School located in CIDO’s Carn Industrial estate is a great example of a success story, with the fantastic passion for music that Declan and the tutors have. Declan McDaid began teaching music in January of 2017 from home. But as the demand grew, he decided to rent a unit out with CIDO in October 2019. As of today, the DMD Music School has currently enrolled 107 students. This demand expanded the school and Declan even began utilising a second unit with us. Last week, Declan was able to take on 4 new tutors, bringing his total to 5. This allows for more students to be undertaken and for wider variety of instruments to be taught.

DMD Music School
There is a wide variety of lessons available.

Student Progress

DMD Music School even adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic by providing online music lessons to students in the whole of the UK. Declan creates an informal atmosphere during lessons. This allows the students to really enjoy their music, and if they want to push on for grades, then they can. The lessons are not limited to one genre and students can learn to love music through their own interests. Declan thinks the most rewarding part of the operation is seeing kids’ confidence grow. This is seen as they open up and progress through the lessons. Declan said that the best part is;

watching people fall in love with music

When one of Declan’s students does extra practice at home or brings in a piece of music that they wrote to show him, he knows they are really falling in love with it. Declan began playing music himself when he was 12 but didn’t immediately take to it. It wasn’t until he began learning rock music on the guitar when he realised that music was for him. This reflects in how Declan teaches music as he knows what it takes to get a student into it.

DMD Music School Lesson
Declan teaching a class full of students at DMD Music School.

Student’s Success

The students at DMD Music School are excelling in the industry as one of Declan’s students reached the final of the Young Guitarists competition in Northern Ireland. Many students have even achieved their Grade 8 certificate in their chosen field. The only thing Declan would have done differently if he was to start again, would be to offer a wider variety of instruments from the start. He feels that this provides anyone the opportunity to be accepted into a group and to express themselves. To create this atmosphere, Declan has started drum lessons within the school. These aspects are what makes DMD Music School a success story.

Working with CIDO

Declan is grateful for how CIDO have helped DMD Music School. Even with small things like sorting the electric when he first began. But the most helpful operation that CIDO run, is the client support system. If any issue arises, CIDO are always on hand to sort it out. Everyone here at CIDO just want to say a massive thank you to Declan and the tutors at DMD Music School. They provide exceptional benefits for young people in the community. Keep up the good work!

Check out DMD Music School’s website here for contact details and how to get started!

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