CIDO Means Business Podcast Episode 1 with Paul Trouton

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CIDO Means Business Podcast Episode 1 with Paul Trouton

Welcome to the very first ‘CIDO Means Business’ podcast. I am very excited to introduce this brand-new business podcast series to you in which high flying local entrepreneurs will be interviewed by me, Cara Dallat, Chief Executive of the CIDO Business Centre in Craigavon.

Throughout this series, we will examine in depth the many nuances involved with starting and running a business, hearing from local business owners who have been there, done it and grown successful businesses through determination, passion, innovation, and shear hard work.

We will hear about their journey to success and amongst all the stories and anecdotes, we will hopefully have a few laughs along the way and of course these highly successful entrepreneurs will have a plethora of advice and top tips for you if you are at the start of your own entrepreneurial journey or just struggling to develop or even sustain your own business.

So, sit back, relax, drive, do the dishes, go for a run…whatever you like while you listen to the ‘CIDO Means Business Podcast.’


Paul Trouton- Episode 1

Paul is the founder and CEO of FUEL. He founded MCS Ltd in 1993 whilst still at Queens University, studying for his Computer Science Degree. One of the first providers of CAD computers in Ireland, he has developed a reputation for translating highly technical issues into plain English and understanding the real needs of ICT in business. Technically minded, with a passion for all things computer, Paul also owns and runs several websites dedicated to retro computing and IT preservation.

His 25+ years of experience cover the design and building of specialist workstations, servers and wide area network infrastructure for a wide range of applications, in almost every sector. He also has considerable experience in internet technology, firewall and internet security, storage solutions, virtualisation and cloud technologies, remote working, diagnostics, data forensics and advanced webserver SEO.

Paul’s mix of entrepreneurship, enthusiasm and technical experience have been the foundations of many long term client relationships. His love of computing and quest for knowledge keeps him and FUEL at the front of emerging technologies.

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The CEO and founder of Fuel IT discusses the big issues of running an IT business in Northern Ireland. Listen to our full podcast on Monday! #IT#fyp

♬ original sound – CIDO_Innovation


Work hard, play hard. Wise words from Fuel IT’s CEO Paul Trouton. Visit to watch the full podcast! #fyp #entrepreneur #motivation

♬ original sound – CIDO_Innovation

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