Land of Lizards Success Story

Land of Lizards Contribution to the Community as a Success Story

The Land of Lizards store in our Lurgan Business Complex is one of our strongest tenants, with a massive online following within their own niche market. The founder, Neville Gorman, found his love for reptiles 15 years ago when he decided to buy his first reptilian pet, a bearded dragon. Since then, Neville has fallen in love with caring for these fascinating creatures, and it inspired him to set up a business dedicated to supporting reptile lovers and their pets. Approximately 6 years ago, Neville brought on a business partner, Glenn Bradley, and since then the business has went from strength to strength.

Some new renovations that have been made to the shop.
Founding and Expanding

Neville founded Land of Lizards 1 year after he had bought his first reptile. This means that he has been running his business for 14 years. Having started small, Neville has always worked hard and taken his chances to grow and expand. He even moved from one of our smaller units to a much larger one to keep up with the demand of his thriving business. The most rewarding aspect of this business venture for Neville and Glenn, has been the joy that it brings children when they get a new pet. The smiles on their faces as they bring their new pet home makes it worth it and is more important that any success the business sees. Neville and Glenn have always strived for high quality customer service, as they describe the business as a;

reptile store based in Northern Ireland and (is) focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Sulcata Tortoise in stock in the store
Memorable Moments and Reflection

Neville’s most memorable moment from his business venture has been the first trip to a reptile show in Germany. Neville was blown away by the array of venomous snakes they had on display. This shows Glenn and Neville’s genuine passion for the industry, even outside of their business. This passion has driven the success of Land of Lizards, as they have had thousands of customers over the years. Their online following has also flourished, as they have over 6000 likes on Facebook. If Neville was to do it all again, he wouldn’t do anything differently as he;

started small and over time built it up slowly.

Male 3 year old Biak Green Tree Python
Working with CIDO

Neville and Glenn have enjoyed their long stay as a tenant with CIDO, as they feel they were provided with assistance when they transferred from their original unit, to a much larger one. Neville also feels that his years as a CIDO tenant have been hassle free for the majority of the time and he can’t complain with the service he has been provided. Everyone here at CIDO is proud to have Neville, Glenn and Land of Lizards as a strong member of the CIDO family and wish him the best in his continuing, and growing success!

If you want to check out the services that Neville provides, check out their Facebook page by following this link:

Also check out their website by following this link:

if you want to find out more on the range of business support systems provided by CIDO, follow this link:

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