Motivation is for Life, Not Just for January

Join Nicola McGuinness Career & Confidence Coach on Monday 21st February as she takes you through a workshop to get you thinking about where you are, where you want to be and the ‘hacks’ to keeping up the motivation to get you there.

A workshop previously hosted by Nicola

This online, motivational workshop hosted by Nicola McGuinness will show the participants how to bring their new years resolutions into their everyday lives. February can be a tough month for motivation as everyone tends to focus on the first month of the year. Although, for someone to be truly successful, they must stay motivated all year round.

Nicola McGuinness Coaching

There are 60 available places for this workshop and they are filling up fast, so make sure you get your spot secured. It is completely free to attend and you will receive incredible benefits to your mental health and attitude towards work.

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