Holistic Hands Success Story

Holistic Hand’s Contribution to the Community as a Success Story

The holistic treatment available at Holistic Hands in CIDO’s Lurgan industrial estate has provided vital treatment for many in the area. Kathy Adams will have been operating with CIDO for 5 years this September and has recently left her position as the manager of a Spar store, managing 35 members of staff, to fully focus on treating her patients. Before Covid, Kathy was able to hold mediation groups of up to 15 people, but because of the restrictions imposed, this had to be reduced to 5. Over the years Kathy has treated hundreds of people, including children and adults with disabilities. This has allowed Kathy to create a strong community to support her work.

Vision boards completed by individuals at Kathy’s workshops.

Kathy’s Holistic Journey

The holistic journey that Kathy is on started 20 years ago when she began studying alternative medicine. After Kathy suddenly lost her father in 2010, she looked for treatments that could aid her grief. Thankfully, she found methods like aroma therapy and sound healing to be beneficial. Furthermore, Kathy had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was strongly advised by her doctor to reduce her stress levels. After she extensively researched and practiced these methods, she was able to vastly improve her mental health and live a happier life.

After gaining such incredible benefits from the practices that she had learnt, Kathy wanted to give back to the community and help as many people as she could. Kathy does not like to use the word “client” when referring to the people she treats, as she builds a bond with them and considers them a true friend. One of the most rewarding aspects for Kathy, has been helping women with fertility issues, as when they are able to have children, their dreams come true. Some people even send updates of the children growing up to Kathy which makes her feel like she is part of the family. People will also get treatment before they start chemotherapy, as it allows them to deal with the stress of the situation more effectively.

Holistic Hands is located in our Lurgan Units

Reflection and Expansion

The only thing that Kathy would change if she could do it all again would be to leave her job earlier and give her full attention to holistic hands. Kathy loves her job as she is passionate about the industry. This stems from the benefits that she has personally felt and wants to now help as many people as possible using the skills she has learnt. Kathy is now studying more therapies to provide a wider range of treatments and to help even more people. She is even renovating her unit in March with new holistic decorations to provide a more suitable setting. Kathy has been carrying out workshops for children where she introduces holistic methods of therapy to them and she has been delighted with the response she has received.

Working with CIDO

Kathy is very grateful to have become part of the CIDO family and has been with us for nearly 5 years. When Kathy first moved into her unit, she was very thankful of the help provided by Concepta Heagney, the Client Support Manager here at CIDO. Concepta supported Kathy when she was getting set up and with any issues that arose over the years. Kathy also mentioned the handy work of Garfield Gracey, as he has always been on hand to aid Kathy with the upkeep of her unit. Kathy also took part in the Go For It NI programme, where she learnt vital business skills that she was able to utilise when building and maintaining her business.

Everyone here at CIDO are proud to have Kathy as a strong member of the CIDO family and we are grateful for the hard work and passion she takes into her work to help so many people in the community.

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