Official Statement Regarding Lurgan Incident

Yesterday evening it was reported in the press about an incident at the CIDO Business Complex in Lurgan.

Cara Dallat, Chief Executive of CIDO said:

During the early evening yesterday, I was informed by CIDO staff that there had been a smell of gas at the dance school at the Lurgan site. The owner of the dance school very promptly evacuated the 25 children from her unit and immediately called the Fire Brigade. The Fire Brigade arrived promptly, and the detectors showed some degree of carbon monoxide. They carried out a very thorough and prompt investigation in every single unit at the Lurgan site. CIDO assisted the fire service with their investigation and provided keys so they could access each unit. High levels of carbon monoxide were detected in one particular unit. They were on site for several hours and they called NIE to check all the pipework etc.
They identified the source from one particular unit which appeared to be car exhaust fumes. This has now been cleared after checks last night and again this morning. The business park is now back open, and the incident is over. We have identified the source and it has been dealt with.
The staff at CIDO reacted really quickly. The NI Ambulance Service were fantastic with the kids as was the Fire Brigade. The children were taken to hospital as a precaution. CIDO always prioritises health and safety and I am so glad that they did that last night.Β  I would like to thank the tenants of CIDO for their cooperation and fast response to the situation. We are very thankful that the kids were let out of hospital last night and that everyone is OK.

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