CIDO Means Business Podcast Episode 2 with Angus Wilson

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CIDO Means Business Podcast Episode 2 with Angus Wilson

Welcome to the second episode of the ‘CIDO Means Business’ podcast with Angus Wilson. This podcast series has high flying local entrepreneurs that will be interviewed by Cara Dallat, Chief Executive of the CIDO Business Centre in Craigavon.

Throughout this series, we will examine in depth the many nuances involved with starting and running a business, hearing from local business owners who have been there, done it and grown successful businesses through determination, passion, innovation, and shear hard work.

We will hear about their journey to success and amongst all the stories and anecdotes, we will hopefully have a few laughs along the way and of course these highly successful entrepreneurs will have a plethora of advice and top tips for you if you are at the start of your own entrepreneurial journey or just struggling to develop or even sustain your own business.

So, sit back, relax, drive, do the dishes, go for a run…whatever you like while you listen to the ‘CIDO Means Business Podcast.’

Episode 2- Angus Wilson

*Taken from Wilson’s Country Website*

Wilson’s Country is the leading potato brand in Ireland. Our commitment to innovation and marketing has positioned us as one of the leaders in the industry, supplying retailers, food service and food manufacturers with own label and branded pre-pack, peeled and convenience potatoes.

Potatoes are our passion… Since Angus Wilson started the business from the family farm in the 1980’s we have grown from strength to strength. We now employ over 70 staff who work from our 6 acre site in County Armagh. We are one of the premier potato packers and processors in Ireland. We hold key accounts with many of the leading food retailers in the country. Not only do we supply a branded Wilson’s Country and You Say Potato range we also offer various own label ranges, exemplifying the trust placed in the company.

*End of excerpt*

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