Starting a Business in NI?

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Starting a business in Northern Ireland can be a great opportunity, but it also requires careful planning and research.

Some steps to consider when starting a business in Northern Ireland include:

  1. Conducting market research to identify a viable business idea and target market
  2. Developing a business plan to outline your strategy and goals
  3. Securing funding, either through personal savings, grants, or loans from financial institutions
  4. Registering your business with Companies House and obtaining any necessary licenses or permits
  5. Setting up accounting and financial systems to manage your business finances
  6. Finding the right location and building a strong team to support your business.
Starting a business at CIDO Innovation Centre
Plenty of help available here at CIDO!


You may also find helpful the Invest Northern Ireland (INI), which is the economic development agency for Northern Ireland and provides support and advice to local businesses.

There are many reasons why people start small businesses, including:

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit: Many people have a desire to be their own boss and control their own destiny. Starting a small business allows them to pursue their passion and creativity.
  2. Job creation: Small businesses are a major source of employment in many communities, providing jobs for both the owner and employees.
  3. Financial opportunities: Starting a small business can provide financial opportunities for the owner, such as increased income and the potential for growth and expansion.
  4. Community impact: Small businesses can have a positive impact on the community by providing goods and services, as well as generating economic activity and creating jobs.
  5. Innovation: Small businesses are often at the forefront of innovation, developing new products, services and technologies.
  6. Personal satisfaction: Running a business can bring a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.
  7. Flexibility: Small businesses are often more flexible than large corporations, and can be more responsive to market demands, or pivot more easily than big companies.
  8. Be your own boss: Small business owners have autonomy over their work and can make decisions that affect their business.

It is important to note that starting a business also entails risks, and not all small businesses are successful. But with hard work, dedication and proper planning, it can be a fulfilling and profitable venture.

Check out how CIDO can support your business here:Β

Check out InvestNI’s website here:Β

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