Wild Shore NI Success Story

Wild Shore’s Contribution to the Community as a Success Story

The founder of Wild Shore NI, Claire Geddis, started her business on the 1st of April 2021 and has been with CIDO since then. Claire already has 15 years experience in the wellbeing industry, as she still runs her own beauty salon, Sorella, and has a degree in biology from Queen’s University Belfast. During lockdown, Claire felt the need to adapt to the new restrictions and create a product that individuals can use at home. As Claire had always had sensitive skin herself, she wanted to create an all natural product that she could personally use.

Some of the products available at Wild Shore NI.
Some of the products available at Wild Shore.

She created products that incorporated 5 essential oils, including lavender, geranium, cyprus, thyme and rosemary. This powerhouse of essential oils and natural ingredients created an antifungal, anti bacterial and antiviral solution for those with sensitive skin. There are no perfumes in Wild Shore NI products, which make them useful for those with conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Public Response

Claire first trailed her products to the public at the Royal Hillsbourgh Christmas markets, where she sold out on the first day. The products effectively sold themselves as when a potential customer tried it, they fell in love with the benefits and the smells. The products natural ingredients and effective use of essential oils reduce stress and anxiety. So customers didn’t take long before they came back to buy more. Claire is now moving into a wholesale market so more shops will be able to stock their goods. Wild Shore is currently available in 2 stores and online via their website. The strong branding and benefits of the products is building formidable foundations for Claire’s business, as she continues to push the company forward.

A special Christmas hamper.
Wild Shore NI’s products can even be a thoughtful gift.
Advice for Entrepreneurs

Claire believes that you should

take the risk, don’t listen to the excuses, it will come if you want it badly enough and believe in your product!

Claire has taken this attitude into her business, as she knows her products inside and out. She feels that a network of people surrounding her that provided moral support would have been helpful throughout this venture. She thinks that people are always trying to put you down and that you must believe in yourself and take the chance.

Working with CIDO

Claire believes that she wouldn’t be in the position she is in without CIDO. It was a massive help to be positioned in her unit so quickly, in a clean environment with high safety standards for all of her products. Claire believes everything down to the hard work of Garfield Gracey and the general security of the unit, has been paramount to the early success of her start up business. Everyone here at CIDO is so proud to have Claire as a tenant and part of the CIDO family. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure the success of Wild Shore!

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